Why A Flower Wall Is Important For Photo Booths

A flower wall creates perfect luxury décor for any occasion. A stunning backdrop of flowers will elevate your event and provide a bespoke and memorable background for your photo booth pictures. Your guests will have beautiful memories to take home and your event will be unforgettable.

Help Your Party Flourish

Flower walls are a focal point of any event and are a wonderful way to direct the attention of guests – such as to the entrance to the venue or the backdrop behind the head table at a wedding. As they are a free-standing wall of flowers, they do not take up floor space and can be used as photo booth backdrops or a backdrop behind a table or stage.

Flower wall rentals can be used with a photobooth for parties, birthdays, weddings, and to suit any event or occasion.

There are so many options to choose from to match the aesthetic of any event. You could choose a delicate wall of pink roses, bright tropical flowers, or white and greenery for a wedding. The flowers can also be used to form a company logo or create an image.

Make Your Wedding Bloom

Flower wall rentals can be customized with different sizes and colors to suit any occasion. You can choose stunning silk flowers to create your walls, which look like real live flowers, without the expense of a wall of live flowers. You can also incorporate real flowers into the display for your wedding day, which can be saved after your big day along with your flower bouquets.

These delicate blooms will bring a sense of nature and freshness to any event. They are perfect to symbolize growing for birthdays, mother nature for baby showers, and to bring spring or summer feel to a winter wedding.

Your Event Will Blossom

Here is how flower wall rental and photobooth companies can transform your event:

  • The backdrop, flowers, and props can all be customized to your event.
  • It is less expensive than hiring a photographer and your guests can have a lot of fun with the props, capturing candid and special moments.
  • Your guests can keep mementos of the special evening.
  • You and your guests will create memories that last a lifetime.

Why Stay Golden Photo Booth Is The Right Photo Booth Company For Your Next Event

Stay Golden Photo Booth has the right flower wall rental and photo booth solution to meet your custom needs, tailoring your event backdrops and photos to your exact vision. We provide a professional service as well as bring a fun factor to your party.

We offer various customizable services, including:

  • Custom photo booth rentals
  • Classic booth
  • Glow booth
  • Luxe mirror booth
  • Selfie booths
  • GIF booths
  • Boomerangs
  • Glam cam
  • Green screen
  • Flower wall rentals
  • Brand activation

The next time you’re looking to add some flowers to enhance your photo booth experience, give us a call at 626-283-9183!