Flower Wall Rental In Los Angeles

Bring your next event to life and wow your guests with our premium flower walls!


Experience our lovely BoHo wall showcasing a white and peach flower array, textured with mauve and white accents.


Glam Garden

Enjoy our glam Garden wall with its white and green features perfect for any formal event looking to add subtle yet bold flair for their guests.



Feel the love bloom with this wall as it features enchanting tones of pink and white spreading its warmth and love to your guests.


Whimsy Garden

Wow your guests with this statement piece ensuring to turn heads with its abundance of foliage, texture, color and avant-garde presence at any event.


Tropical Garden

Entice your guests with the lovely textures and foliage of our jungle wall providing a lovely piece to portray and be one with nature. 



Give a professional and distinguished look at your next event with our hedge wall providing a light and lovely texture perfect for any occasion.


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