Couples Guide to Wedding Photo Booths

Planning your wedding is exciting, and you might be looking for that extra touch to make it truly special. Have you thought about adding a wedding photo booth? It’s a fun way to capture memories and entertain your guests. 

While you’re busy picking out cakes and dresses, it’s easy to wonder if a photo booth is really necessary. But lately, more and more couples are choosing to include them as a key part of their celebration. 

This guide is here to show you why a photo booth can make your wedding day even more memorable. We’ll cover everything you need to know, so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your big day. Let’s make your wedding full of smiles, laughter, romance, and unforgettable moments!

What is a Wedding Photo Booth?

A wedding photo booth is a modern and fun addition to your big day. It’s a setup with a professional camera and printer that lets everyone take pictures and print them instantly. It’s not just for taking photos; it’s a whole entertainment package. 

Bride and groom smiling in a gold sequin photo booth.

You can make animated GIFs, share pictures right away, and create lasting memories. Imagine looking back at a funny photo or a beautiful group shot. 

What’s great is that most rented wedding photo booths come with someone to help. This attendant makes sure everything goes smoothly, from using the camera to getting your prints. It’s a simple way to add something special to your wedding, giving you and your guests high-quality photos and a lot of laughs.

Why Do You Need a Wedding Photo Booth?

Adding a photo booth at your wedding isn’t just about having a good time – it’s a big part of creating memories that last. A photo booth lets your guests have fun making their own memories while your main photographer is busy with the important shots. It’s simple for everyone to join in, and with funny props, they can snap a photo that’s just for them. So, it’s not just an extra fun thing at your wedding but also a special way for your guests to remember the day.

Also, a photo booth means everyone gets a chance to be in a photo, not only you and your nearest and dearest. It’s tough for your main photographer to get photos of all your guests. But a photo booth invites your guests, whether your besties or relatives you don’t see much, to grab a fun, off-the-cuff shot. This way, no one’s left out.

We break down the 5 Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Photo Booth in this article. Learn more. 

Benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding:

Looking for more reasons why you need one on your wedding day? Let’s explore some key benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding:

  1. Photo booths make the party more fun.

It starts making the party more fun right after the ceremony. While you and your partner take your first photos together, it keeps your guests happy. It entertains them. And it doesn’t just stop there.

At your party, the photo booth adds to the fun. It makes everyone laugh and gives you and your guests some great memories. It does more than just entertain; it helps people meet and enjoy their time together, no matter their age. It’s a simple way to make sure your wedding is remembered and talked about for a long time.

  1. The photographer can’t catch everything.

Even the best photographer can’t catch everything at your wedding. They’ll capture the big moments and focus on you, the dance floor, and the main events. But what about the fun and spontaneous moments away from the spotlight? That’s where adding a wedding photo booth comes in handy.

It’s the perfect partner for your photographer. It fills in the gaps by capturing candid moments with all of your guests. 

  1. Memories to take home.

Your guests can take home printed photos as special keepsakes. The photos are more than pictures. They capture the happy and funny moments of your day. They create memories to look back on for a long time. 

And if your friends and family like sharing their fun times online. They can easily get a soft copy to post on social media or send by email. This way, everyone gets to keep a piece of your wedding day.

  1. Turning new faces into friends.

A photo booth does more than capture memories; it turns new faces into friends. Imagine guests who’ve never met, lining up for photos and striking up conversations. It’s a space where laughter and smiles flow freely. They help people bond over funny poses and shared moments. 

Before you know it, those once-strangers are now posing together, creating new connections. This unique feature of your wedding adds fun. It also brings friends and families closer. It shows that joy and a few snapshots can bridge the gap between unfamiliar faces.

Disadvantages of having a photo booth at your wedding:

While a photo booth can be a fun addition to your wedding, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  1. The add-ons might not fit into your budget.

Putting a photo booth at your wedding can get expensive. This is especially true for adding extra features. They include special backgrounds, fun props, and more photo prints. These costs can really add up and might not fit into your budget. So, it’s a good idea to think about whether the extra fun is worth the extra cost of your wedding. 

  1. Sometimes, things don’t go as expected.

Even with great planning, you could have small problems with your photo booth such as: 

  • The camera’s battery could die. 
  • The printer could get stuck.
  • Photos may take a while to print out.
  • The WiFi could be slow. 
  • Props and equipment are not being as expected.

A photo booth attendant will need to keep an eye on these things to fix any issues as they happen. But these are small issues. They can be fixed. So, it’s about being ready for anything.

  1. They need more space.

One last thing to keep in mind is that photo booths take up quite a bit of room. They need a space that’s 8 feet by 8 feet, plus enough height for the backdrop. If your wedding venue is small, you’ll need to decide if a photo booth fits. Or, you could go with something that needs less space like a mirror photo booth. 

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas & Tips

Looking for fun and amazing additions to your photo booth? Grab these ideas and tips: 

Choose the perfect spot

Picking the right spot for your photo booth is key to making sure it’s a hit. Place it in a high-traffic area, like near the bar or dance floor, where it’s visible and accessible. Avoid hidden corners or too close to loudspeakers. 

Photo booth setup with geometric backdrop and balloons.

The best spots have lots of foot traffic. But, photo booths shouldn’t block important events or the food area. Remember, a well-placed photo booth invites more guests to join in. It also adds an extra layer of fun to your special day.

Have an awesome custom backdrop

The backdrop is super important. It will be in all your pictures, making them more memorable. You can make your photo booth pop by choosing a backdrop that fits the vibe of your wedding. Check out these awesome ideas:

  • A flower wall with a custom neon sign is perfect for weddings.
  • Vinyl decals allow you to put any design or message in the background.
  • Sparkle it up with Glitter Fabric or shiny sequins.
  • Fairy Lights for that magical touch in every photo.
  • A Quote Wall to share your favorite love quotes or your wedding hashtag.
  • Colorful Crepe Paper that matches your wedding theme for a lively backdrop.
  • Simple and stylish curtains that make every photo elegant.

You can go for the simplicity of curtains. Or, you can choose something eye-catching, like a neon-signed flower wall. The perfect backdrop will make your photo booth a highlight of your wedding. It will match your style and theme well.

Get their attention

To make sure your photo booth gets attention, just get it started like you would a dance party. Ask your DJ, wedding party, and pals to help get everyone excited about it. Use bright and fun decorations or signs that go with your wedding theme to catch their eyes. 

You want your photo booth to look welcoming and fit in with the rest of your wedding. The eye-catching backdrop and some reminders will make your photo booth part of your wedding. Everyone will remember it.

Choose props that you and your guests will love

Everyone loves to play around with props, but remember, they really shape how your photos turn out. Think about props that both you and your guests will get a kick out of. It could be funny glasses or a money gun with play money. Picking the right items can turn a simple photo into a memorable masterpiece. 

Here’s a quick list of must-have props that are sure to be a hit:

  • Hats
  • Feather Boas
  • Money gun with play money
  • Animal or Masquerade Masks
  • Huge glasses
  • Balloons
  • Hashtag on a Stick
Guests enjoying a wedding photo booth with rose backdrop.

You can be sure that the props will fit with your wedding theme if you take the time to choose them yourself.

Easily share across social media

Adding social media to your photo booth lets you and your guests post pictures online right away. This feature not only spices up the fun but also spreads the joy of your special day far and wide. Options like double-printing and personalized hashtags let everyone keep a physical reminder. They can also share their favorite moments on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great way to connect everyone’s experiences. It creates a digital album of your wedding. Everyone can add to it and enjoy it.

Live stream the photo booth photos 

Keeping everyone entertained at your wedding by adding a live stream of the photo booth photos is a fun twist too. It means projecting the photos being taken at the booth onto a big screen for all your guests to see. This way, you and your guests won’t miss out on the fun moments captured, even if you’re busy elsewhere. Setting up this live stream is easy; you just need a screen and a link to the booth.

Set up open and closed times

Setting up open and closed times for your photo booth is a smart move. This way, it won’t disrupt key moments of your wedding, like speeches or your first dance. Plan to have the photo booth open during less busy times. Maybe open it during the cocktail hour or right after dinner. 

This schedule reminds guests when to snap fun photos. They can do so without missing any important parts of your celebration. Plus, it keeps the day’s events flowing well. It ensures everyone gets a chance to enjoy the photo booth before it closes.

Different Types of Photo Booths Available to Hire

Wedding photo booths come in many types, each with its own special features. They suit various wedding styles and themes. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones:

Traditional  Booth

Think back to those fun photo booths at arcades or the beach when you were a kid. That’s what a classic photo booth is like. It’s a cozy space where you can take a series of four pictures in a row. Setting it up might take a bit more effort, and it’s snug for groups, but it adds a special, nostalgic touch to your wedding. 

Inside, your guests can have fun in private, using all sorts of props, like silly glasses or old-school items, to make their photos fun. You can also choose backdrops that match your wedding style, making it feel even more personalized.

Open Air Booth

An open-air booth changes up the traditional photo booth by being more open, modern, and flexible. You can set it up wherever you like, using any backdrop you prefer. It’s great for snapping quick pictures of your guests, alone or in groups, and you can get these photos printed on the spot or sent to you online. 

They’re a hit at weddings because they work in nearly any spot and add fun to any event. Just remember, they might seem a bit odd while being set up, and the feel can change based on the props you pick.

Social Photo Booth (also known as Selfie station or Ipad booth)

A Social Photo Booth, also known as a Selfie Station or iPad Booth, is a budget-friendly and simple option for your wedding. You just set up a background and some fun props, and then your guests use their own phones to take pictures. 

This kind of photo booth is great because it’s easy to set up and lets your guests snap away at their own pace, creating fun memories they can share instantly. It’s a modern twist that adds to the fun without the hassle or high costs.

Mirror Photo Booth

A mirror photo booth brings a new level of fun to your wedding, letting guests take photos in a full-length mirror. With a touch screen for games, animations, and cool digital props, it’s not just elegant but super fun. And you can instantly share your memories online, adding a personal touch to your big day.

360 Photo Booth

A 360 photo booth is a standout choice for your wedding, offering a unique twist on capturing memories. It’s more than just a photo; it’s a mini video experience. Your guests will stand on a platform while a camera spins around them, capturing every angle in a fun, live-action clip. 

These videos not only add a touch of luxury but also leave your guests with a digital keepsake far beyond the ordinary. With the option to add decorations like balloons or confetti, the 360 photo booth turns each memory into something truly special.

3 Ways to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Still wondering how you can incorporate one into your big day? There are several options to suit every style and budget. Check out these 3 ways: 

1. Hire a local photo booth rental

Renting a photo booth for your wedding event is a brilliant way to keep the fun going for you and your guests. Not only does it offer an interactive experience, but it also leaves everyone with memorable keepsakes of your special day. 

When choosing a photo booth vendor, consider these points:

  • Quality of photos: Make sure their previous event photos meet your expectations.
  • Variety of formats: Check if they offer GIFs, videos, and still photos.
  • Accessibility of photos: Confirm if you’ll get a digital gallery and how guests can receive their photos.
  • Additional costs: Ask about print costs and if an attendant will be available for help.
  • Customization: Inquire about backdrop, prop options, and custom themes or graphics for your wedding.

Choosing the right rental can elevate your wedding, providing a personalized and hassle-free entertainment option for your guests. If you need photo booth rental in Los Angeles, Stay Golden offers a range of customizable options to match your wedding theme, ensuring your celebration is unforgettable.

2. Purchase a photo booth

Buying your own photo booth is a smart move if you enjoy throwing parties. It’s not just for your wedding; you can bring it out for birthdays, bridal showers, and any family get-together. 

Having one means you’re always set to make any event more fun. Think of all the great moments you’ll capture without limitation. And if you’ve got an iPad, you’re halfway to having your booth ready. Plus, once your friends and family see how cool it is, you might even think about renting it out to others and start a business!

3. Set up a DIY photo booth 

Creating a DIY photo booth is a budget-friendly and customizable option for your wedding. It’s perfect if you’re looking to save money or have a more personal touch. With modern photo booth apps, you can set up a tablet on a tripod, and it’s ready to go—no need for prints unless you want them. 

This setup is not only flexible but also allows you and your wedding planner to concentrate on other aspects of your celebration. Plus, adding props and backdrops makes it even more fun and tailor-made for your wedding day.

How to Save Money on a Wedding Photo Booth

A DIY photo booth isn’t the only way to save money for your event. Let’s dive deeper and explore these alternatives without breaking the bank: 

Keep it simple

A simple setup can still be a big hit at your wedding. You don’t have to spend on lots of props, filters, or large backdrops. Saving on these things is a clever way to keep costs down without cutting down on fun. Guests really enjoy the photo booth just for the fun of it and for something memorable to take away. They’re not looking for all the fancy stuff. So, going with a simpler photo booth will still make everyone happy without breaking the bank.

Use your Venue as your backdrop

Another smart way to save costs is to use your venue’s natural beauty as the backdrop. Instead of spending extra on a custom background, look around your venue for a spot that stands out. Maybe there’s a charming brick wall, a unique wooden door, or a picturesque outdoor scene. These features can serve as the perfect setting for your photo booth pictures. This approach not only cuts costs but also adds a personal touch that reflects the character of your wedding location

Use polaroids

Got a Polaroid camera? Consider using one instead. Set up a station with a couple of Polaroid cameras and some props. This lets your guests snap pictures whenever they want during your wedding. They can keep these photos as a special keepsake. You can also have a photo book nearby so guests can leave one picture for you. 

When renting, reduce unnecessary add-on features

When you rent a photo booth, remember you don’t have to get all the extra features. Lots of vendors offer things like custom backdrops or fancy props, but these extras can make it more expensive. 

Just pick what really matters for your big day and what you can skip. Going with a basic package still means loads of fun for your guests, and it can save you money for other wedding needs. You’ll still have the fun without the high cost.

Limit the time of rent 

Think about how long you really need the photo booth. If it’s just for an hour or two, booking it for a shorter time can cut costs. Many rental companies have lower prices for shorter periods, though keep in mind that a two-hour rental often gives the best value. 

Avoid cheap prices that don’t offer quality services

You need to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. It’s tempting to cut costs, but the quality of service is crucial. Not all photo booth companies are the same; some may offer low prices but compromise on photo quality or the variety of props and backdrops. 

Research is key. Take the time to compare different vendors and what they offer. Remember, spending a bit more on a reputable photo booth provider can give you peace of mind and ensure your wedding memories are captured beautifully.

Tips for Photo Booth Templates & Size Options

Templates are the frames or borders around your photos. They can be digitally shared and printed. You can make them match your wedding theme, giving every picture a personal touch. Add things like your names, the date of your wedding, or a fun hashtag for sharing online. Doing this makes every photo feel special and connected to your big day, turning them into keepsakes to treasure. 

Whether the photo booth is DIY or rented, here are some common sizes to utilized:

1. Strips (the traditional 2×6 photos)

These photo strips remind us of old-school photo booths, letting you pick from 2, 3, or 4 pictures per strip. The three-photo option is a favorite because it gives you lots of room to add your personal touch, like your names or a fun design. Plus, they’re easy to carry around and can even be used as bookmarks, making them a great little keepsake.

2. 4×6 Postcard Photos (Single Photo)

If you like bigger pictures, the 4×6 postcard is a great choice. It’s twice as big as the usual strips and gives you a big, clear photo. Just pick your props, pose, and you’ll have your photo in no time. It’s a wonderful way to make sure you remember all the fun and faces from your wedding day.

3. 4×6 Postcard Photos (2-4 Photos)

The 4×6 option also lets you have 2-4 photos together, giving you a more lively and interesting photo. It’s a fun way to get your guests to try different poses quickly, making the photo-taking even more enjoyable. These stylish photo strips are something your guests will love to keep, maybe even sticking them on their fridge, to remember your special day for a long time.

Wrapping up

As you finish planning your wedding, think about how a photo booth can make it extra special. It’s more than just taking pictures; it’s about making memories you’ll all love. Photo booths really bring out the fun and quirky sides of everyone, making your big day memorable in a fun and creative way.

If you’re in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Orange County, booking with Stay Golden makes sure your wedding entertainment is something everyone will remember. Consider booking a photo booth with Stay Golden to make your wedding day even more special.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Photo Booths:

  1. How much dedicated space is needed for the booth?

    You’ll need an 8×8 foot area with at least 8 feet in height for the booth setup. This ensures enough space for the equipment and a comfortable photo-taking experience.

  2. Will there be an attendant on-site?

    If you’re setting up a DIY photo booth, you might not have a professional attendant. You could ask a friend to help or show your guests how to use it themselves. 

    However, if you’re renting from a company, they usually provide an attendant to manage the booth. This ensures everything runs smoothly and everyone gets great pictures to remember your special day by.

  3. How many hours does the rental include?

    Photo booth rentals usually last between 2 and 6 hours. The right package for you depends on your guest count and how much fun they want to have snapping pictures. For a big wedding with 300 guests, consider a 4 to 5-hour rental to ensure everyone gets a turn. For smaller gatherings of around 70 people, a 2-hour slot should do the trick.

  4. How much does a wedding photo booth cost? 

    On average, renting a photo booth for your wedding will cost you anywhere from $425 to $1,000. For a basic package that lasts three hours, you’ll likely pay about $500. 

    Keep in mind, that the final price can change based on how long you need the booth and if you add any special options.

  5. When is the best time to book my wedding photo booth?

    It’s smart to book your wedding photo booth as soon as you can. Start searching for a vendor right after you’ve started planning your wedding. A lot of people book theirs at least six months ahead. 

    Doing this helps you get the photo booth you really want and cuts down on stress as the wedding day nears. Photo booths are in demand, and if you delay, someone else might snatch up your favorite date. So, to avoid missing out, book yours early!

  6. How long does it take to set up the booth?

    Setting up a photo booth usually takes just 15 to 30 minutes. Our team at Stay Golden arrives about 45 minutes to an hour before your event starts. This ensures everything is ready for your big day and makes your experience stress-free and enjoyable.

  7. Can I pause the time on my photo booth? 

    Yes, you can pause the photo booth rental time at your wedding, but it depends on the vendor. Some vendors understand that there might be moments, like during dinner when guests won’t be using the booth much. 

    They offer what’s called ‘idle time,’ where the photo booth can be paused for 30 minutes to an hour. This way, you don’t waste money during times when it’s not being used, and you can resume the fun afterwards!

  8. When is the best time to start the photo booth?

    Setting up a photo booth usually takes just 15 to 30 minutes. Our team at Stay Golden arrives about 45 minutes to an hour before your event starts. This ensures everything is ready for your big day and makes your experience stress-free and enjoyable.

  9. When is the best time to start the photo booth?

    The best time to kick off your photo booth is right after the ceremony. This is because, during the ceremony, everyone’s attention is on you and the significant moments happening. Many choose to start the photo booth during the cocktail hour.
    This gives your guests something fun to do while you’re busy with post-ceremony photos. Plus, everyone’s still looking sharp and ready to snap some great pictures. Starting the photo booth at this time helps guests relax, mingle, and get into the party spirit.