How A Photo Booth Can Help You Boost Donations For Your Fundraising Event

Fundraising events online are becoming more and more of a thing. This is especially true when your attendees come from all over the world or even just the country. It allows you to have an in-person gathering while showing the live feed to others who may not be able to be there in person.

Whatever you’re raising money for, you have to keep guests and visitors engaged. So coming up with new, creative, and innovative solutions will be a must. Not only will it enhance people’s experiences but it can help boost donations as well. A photo booth for any company is one way to do this.

How Photo Booths Can Boost Donations

In the past, photo booths provided a fun diversion for attendants at fundraisers. They’re entertaining and provide a memory token for people to take home. 

Virtual photo booths can also do the same thing for your online fundraiser but offer a more modern and high-tech way to do this.

There are 5 main benefits to having a photo booth for your party fundraiser:

Guest Engagement

Having star-spangled speakers isn’t going to be enough to generate donations for your fundraiser. With a photo booth, guests will be able to take pics, save them to their device and share them. If they can show others how much fun they’re having, more people will develop a curiosity to what your fundraiser is about.

Opportunities For Branding

For many fundraisers, attracting sponsors is a must to ensure success. Therefore, you want to use the fundraiser as a platform for your sponsor’s brand. You can have every element of the photo booth include the feel and look of your sponsor’s logos.

Sharing Capabilities

Since the fundraiser could be online, there is no real limit to the number of people in attendance. This means you’ll be able to draw a larger audience that you would be able to otherwise. The social media and email sharing capabilities will extend further and reach even more people.

Thank You Pages

Once guests take their photos and shared them, the application will take them to a “Thank You” page. Here you can include text, images, and a call-to-action link. This will take users right to your donation page.

Promotional Features

During and after your fundraising event, you can use the snapped photos to create promotional content. You can share this with your followers and use it for future events or pull in more donations. Showing how much fun guests have at your events will encourage and entice more people.

Where To Rent Photo Booths For Your Event?

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