How To Make Your Brand Stand Out With Photo Booths

No matter how much tech improves, capturing images is still the main way to capture memories. We are surrounded by ways to capture the moment. 

Even though social media has been devoted to images, attending many parties these days will often feature photobooths as the main attraction.

There are plenty of ways that you can use photo booth companies to boost your own brand. Here are 5 of them:

Perfect For Branding

As we said, entire social media sites are dedicated to sharing images. Having a photo booth for any event will almost certainly ensure that any images are going to be shared via social media.

If you run a business, then this is exactly what you want. Your images are being shared organically. 

Just set up a photo booth for a party or another event, and people will hear about you when those images are shared. It is essentially free advertising beyond the cost of the photo booth.

Even if people do not share the images on social media, they are associating the happiness of that image with your company. This means more brand-boosting benefits. 

Social Media Sharing Creates Sales

Did you know that people are more likely to purchase a product from a brand they have been recommended by a friend or family member? In fact, almost 90% of people claim that this is the case.

This is where the sharing of the images comes into play again. When an image taken from one of your photo booths is shared, it is essentially a recommendation. Somebody is telling their friends and family ‘this brand is good’ and suggesting that they purchase from them.

You will be surprised at how often sharing like this can translate to customers.

Makes Your Events More Exciting

Events become a whole lot more exciting when there is something to do. The last thing you want is to run an event where people get bored. We can assure you that this is not going to be the best look for your brand.

A photo booth is exciting. It encourages people to socialize. It gives people something to have fun with. It promotes discussion.

All of the ‘good emotions’ generated by the photo booth are going to have a major impact on your brand.

A photo booth works incredibly well at networking events. This is because people can discuss things with strangers when they are queuing up to have their images snapped.

You Can Get Creative With A Photo Booth

So far, we have talked about the benefits of having a photo booth as a bit of a sideshow to the rest of your event. However, you can also get a lot more creative with it. You can even make it a central part of your event!

Some companies have used a photo booth to boost the excitement of the sign-in process. Some use it to allow people to create souvenirs of their events.

If you can get creative with the photo booth, then you will find that your event stands out in the minds of the people that are attending your event. Things become a lot more memorable for them.

Give An Incentive For Using The Photo Booth

A lot of companies will see a huge ROI just from how photo booth images are shared via social media. But, why not take this to the next level?

Some companies have been adding an incentive for people to have a free photo taken. Give out a discount code with every photo booth image and we can assure you that many people will be using them. This will translate to a higher number of sales.

Planning Your Next Event?

Stay Golden Photo Booth is one of the leading photo booth companies in SoCal. Whether you are looking for a photo booth for weddings or a photo booth for a company party, Stay Golden Photo Booth will have an option for you. Feel free to give us a call at (626) 283-9183 to talk about your next event!

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