How To Make Your Wedding Extraordinary

One of the most memorable times of a person’s life is their wedding. It is the beautiful union of a person with their loved one. It is also that occasion in one’s life where they spend lavishly to make it a vast and incredible ordeal––from choosing the best locations to selecting the best wedding dress and suit. Selecting the best catering is also considered as an essential task. And one of the somewhat recent additions to the wedding list is hiring candid photographers and photo booths. Photo booths provide a way for the guests to take their photos without depending on the photographer.

What is a Photo Booth?

A photo booth is an automatic photo machine. People would usually go along with their partners and click crazy images of them. The trend of photo booths at events became popular. The best part about these photo booths was that people would receive them instantly. People want to keep hard copies of their memories with them. And the photo booth gave a simple and fun escape from life.

Photo Booth For Weddings Make The Event Special

There are a lot of aspects of a photo booth that makes it fun and essential addition to any extraordinary wedding. Some of the characteristics of photo booths that make it a worthy addition to a wedding are listed below:

1. Photo Booths Are Fun
Photo booths are iconic because of their fun nature. Some of the modern photo booths are available with features like face recognition sensors. These sensors enable the photo booth to capture photos whenever people smile or make crazy expressions. It makes the photo booth an entertaining addition for a group photo.

2. There’s Some Privacy
Some of the photo booths come with curtains surrounding them. It makes those photo booths a bit secluded. Usually, at a wedding, you are surrounded by a lot of people. Calling a photographer amidst all those people and posing for a picture is not so trendy nowadays. The photo booths are an excellent option to overcome this. They provide a private space where you can go crazy or be sophisticated and take a beautiful picture yourself.

3. Practically The Same as Digital Cameras
Modern photo booths are a combination of DSLRs, lights, and a screen. It acts as a personal photographer. The display enables you to see how you look and how you pose. The DSLR allows for the photo booth to take high-quality photos. It makes the modern photo booth the perfect addition to a wedding.

4. A Photo Booth is Not Just a Tool
The modern photo booth is a camera plus space. A photo booth can be decorated according to different themes. There are extravagant backdrops decorated according to the theme of the wedding. It might also have a theme of itself. Along with that, a photo booth company would provide different props that help spice up the pictures. The lighting of the booth is also strategically placed. It means that there won’t be any dark photo of yours. In other words, the photo booth will blend perfectly with the event that you are hosting.

5. It Has Become a Means of Showing Off
In today’s world, photo booths have become a means to show off your understanding of the modern era. It portrays your attachment to social media and the knowledge about current trends. It also shows a nice gesture of hospitality. It represents the fact that the bride and the groom want their guests to have an excellent time.

How Do You Arrange For Photo Booth Events?
There are a lot of photo booth companies that provide photo booth rentals service. They offer high-quality photo booth setups at reasonable prices. You can choose different themes of the photo booth that suits your needs.

Stay Golden Photo Booth ( is one of the photo booth companies that has been growing for a while now and have become one of the most recognizable wedding photo booth rental services. This photo booth company offers you all the experiences that you can think of and make your day memorable for a lifetime.

This company offers an array of choices for you to select:
– Classic Booth is especially recommended for both outdoor and indoor photo booth events.
– Luxe Mirror Booth is a perfect photo booth for grand openings, corporate parties, inauguration events, brand activations, and many more.
– Glow Booth is well equipped with all the latest and trending features like animated GIFs, boomerangs, and so on. This option is quite popular because it allows you easy and quick sharing as well as uploads on social media sites.

Stay Golden Photo Booth provides every opportunity to shape your dreams no matter what the occasion is, whether it’s a small birthday party or a corporate event. This company will deliver not only par excellence but is sure to trigger the fan factor in you along with your guests! These photos will make the event an unforgettable one, and you will cherish the memories for years to come. You can either email them at or call them at (626)283-9183 for your next event.