Photo Booth Ideas For Engagement Parties

One of the best ways to add that wow factor to your event is a photo booth. Photobooths for weddings or engagement parties are a great way for your guests to have fun. They provide you and your guests with memories that commemorate your special day!

So, once you’ve researched photo booth companies, you’ll need to think of some engagement party photo booth ideas that’ll make it exciting. But with the pressure of the day looming around you, your mind can go blank and it can be difficult to prepare on your own. 

But don’t worry – we’ve got some amazing engagement party photo booth ideas that’ll ensure your day goes smoothly. 

Customized Background

Nothing says it’s your special day more than a customized background. This could be you and your partner’s names and the date of your wedding, or a special place that you’ve visited together.

If you have a themed engagement party, you might want to match the color scheme to the backdrop. Whatever you decide to do, it’s about making it personal and creating memories that both you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Customized Scrapbook

Most photo booth companies should offer scrapbook services alongside hiring the booth. Any photos that have been taken throughout the day or evening can be printed out and stored as a keepsake.

You could even opt to get digital access to all of the photos and create your own stylized scrapbook if you wish. 

Game Time

Some guests may be a little shy and feel out of their depth. A great way to get everyone involved is to turn it into a game. Encourage guests to recreate photos of you and your partner. Not only do they feel at ease, but it’ll look great for the photo album too.


One of the most vital things that are needed in a photo booth is the props. What is a photo booth without a pair of oversized glasses, a funky hat, or a cheesy sign? They’re light-hearted and make something that can be quite daunting for some, fun and exciting. 

Social Media Signs

So many people announce their celebrations on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. It’s a convenient way to share your news with friends and family, so why not incorporate that into the photo booth?

You can customize a Facebook or Instagram post sign, and your friends and family can get involved. You can also adjust the colors to your scheme to make it more personal to you.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, 5 engagement party photo booth ideas to spruce up your special day! If you’re looking for a reputable photo booth company, then why not check out Stay Golden Photobooth.

Our team has a range of backdrops to suit your engagement party color scheme and a customizable experience including customized template designs, instant digital copies, LED Cube enclosures, a photo album and memory book station, customizable props, and more. 

Stay Golden Photobooth will provide you with everything that you need for your photo booth party experience. Give us a call at 626-283-9183.

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