The Best Photobooth Props For Weddings, Birthdays, And Parties

You can’t do without photo booth props if you want your guests to remember the celebration for a long time. Accessories such as these are commonly used at birthday parties, weddings, reunions, corporate events, and other gatherings. To ensure attendees will want to return again and again to your photo booth, prepare interesting props.

You can combine any of these props with a fun photobooth to make your party memorable:

Face Accessories

Face accessories on dowels are the most popular photobooth props because they can be made in any theme and are readily available. They are also cheap to buy or make an easy DIY project.

Fun Glasses

Glasses can be an easy prop to bring because they are suitable for any age, inexpensive, and come in all kinds of cool shapes and sizes.


You can use chalkboards as a backdrop or as customizable speech bubbles. Guest will have a lot of fun filling in their sayings, so bring erasers and chalk as well. Dry-erase boards can also be used for the same purpose.

Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses are a rarely used prop and it seriously doesn’t get the attention it deserves! A magnifying glass can give you awesome pictures and be fun to play with. Just tip it slightly upwards, so that it doesn’t catch the flash.

Ties And Bowties

Use extraordinary, brightly colored, or oversized ties and bowties to bring color and originality to your photo booth. The more eccentric the piece, the better the photos will be!

Picture Frames

The larger the frame the better the effect that it will have in the photo. Just remove the glass and get ready for some amazing photos! This is especially popular with photobooths for weddings.

Hats And Wigs

Choose exaggerated hats and wigs of many colors and styles to heighten the good mood and guarantee laughter.


If the theme allows, masks can be funny and captivating props. They can be animal masks, faces of famous people, or mascaraed ball masks. The possibilities are limitless!


Personalize each mugshot with a name and a crime, and you are sure to liven up the party with laughter. Add a police lineup poster as a backdrop for the complete look.


Use edible treats like giant lollipops, cotton candy, or wax lips to energize a photo session, especially for a photobooth for a children’s party.


Confetti makes any picture sparkle and shine! Have a bowl of confetti available for guests to throw themselves, making for a good time while getting awesome pictures. But remember a lot of cleanups come with using this prop.

Feather Boas

Feather boas are classic and trendy props for photobooths. Bring a variety of colors for everyone to choose from and watch the fun begin!

Where To Rent A Photobooth?

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