The Best Way To Get The Most Out Of A Photo Booth Rental

Photobooths have become a must-have attraction at any wedding, party, or corporate event. But with so many companies to choose from, we advise following these 9 simple steps to guarantee that you have the best photo booth rental experience possible.

Research The Photobooth Company’s Reputation

Search for photo booths for weddings or parties and look for overall good reviews that were posted in the last few months for each photo booth company. If there was a complaint, make sure that the company professionally responded to it.

Photo Print Quality

Each photo booth company will have a different brand of printer, but they should be using the newer style dye-sub printers instead of any vintage style one. The printer type will make a big difference in print quality.

Photo Booth Location

Consider where the photo booth will be set up at the venue. They typically require an 8-by-8 foot space and are best set up as close to the guests as possible.

Photo Sharing & Printing Options

There are many different options for photo sharing and printing including sharing through text, email, or social media. Ask whether there will be actual prints because some companies have gone completely digital. Also, ask what size the print will be and whether they are unlimited.

Photobooth Lighting

Ask what kind of lighting is included in the package because additional light could cost extra but might be necessary. Also, be careful of where you place the photo booth to make sure there aren’t any interfering lights from the DJ or the venue.

Consider The Props

Ask if the company is going to include any props in the package. Photobooths for weddings can come with their specialty bride and groom-themed props. Most companies can provide props for any theme, but it might cost extra and require time to special order.

Backdrop Options

Backdrops are not necessary for traditional enclosed photo booths, but new open-air photo booths do require a backdrop. Photobooth companies usually have multiple options and include this in the price of the package.

Custom After-Event Products

Many photo booth companies offer after-event products like photobooks of the photos taken at the event, or you can request the digital files and make your own.

Choose The Photobooth Company Wisely

Carefully read the reviews of each company and base your decision less on the price of the package and more on what is included with the package, the experience level of the company, and the available proof of good final products.

The Best Company to Hire for Your Photobooth Needs

Our team at Stay Golden Photobooth based out of Pasadena, California has the latest state-of-the-art equipment and an impeccable reputation. Our Yelp Award-winning company is veteran-owned and operated and has a large following of loyal and satisfied customers. 

We have very popular glow booths and luxe mirror booths with interactive technology that will keep your guests entertained for hours. We have photo booths for weddings and parties for nearly any budget!


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