Wedding Tips: How To Maximize The Fun And Value Of Your Photo Booth.

Guests love to see a photo booth at weddings (especially at events and on any other occasion too). It’s a fun way for them to get souvenir pictures during your big day.
That said, Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your photo booth service:

Consider The Time:

All of your guests would like to have their photos taken at the booth. To make this possible, you need to align your rental with the number of your visitors.

Ideally, photo booth companies would recommend a 100-guest wedding to get a 2-hour rental.
This is ideal for sit-down dinners because guests have more time to get their pictures taken at the booth. They can line up once they’re done eating – right before the ceremony resumes.

If you’re planning on hosting a buffet, know that there won’t be much downtime for the guests. As such, you may need to add another hour to cater to all of them.

If you’re unsure of how long you should rent the photo booth, you can always ask the staff for recommendations.

It’s All About The Location:

When it comes to photo booths – as with most things in life – location matters.

To maximize your rental, you’d want the booth to be visible and easily accessible by your guests. Otherwise, you won’t get as much value from an under-utilized booth.

You don’t need to worry about finding the perfect location though. Experienced photo booth companies can make recommendations on where they could be easily seen.

Get Specialized Props:

Like most photo booths for party events, you will get some props for your event.
While these are good, you can make your day more special. You can ask your coordinator (even your family or friends) to throw some customized props in the mix.

For example, if you’re college sweethearts, prepare props such as your University logo, flag, or jacket.

Ask Help From The Host Or DJ:

You’d want all your guests to have their photos taken at the booth. So apart from placing it in a ‘visible’ area, it will help to announce it as well.

You can ask the host or DJ to make a casual reminder of your photo booth.
Make sure that they announce the location and duration of the service. That way, your guests can plan their night – and have their pictures taken right before the booth closes shop.

Get Your Picture Taken Too!:

It’s your big day and you’ve worked hard to make it perfect! The least you can do is have your picture taken too.

Although your wedding is bound to be busy, you need to take some time off for some picture-taking. Ask this from your wedding coordinator way ahead of time.

That way, he/she could give you 5-10 minutes for a photo booth session. And once you’re there, go all out!

Make the most of your wedding by hiring Stay Golden Photobooth for the perfect photo booth experience. Our photography experts offer specialized and customized services – all for an affordable price!

To discuss with our team what we recommend for your wedding, please feel free to reach out to us at (626) 283-9183.

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